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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  February 25, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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>> two brazen crimes caught on camera. first a drive-by in a minivan, a gunman pulls up and bullets start flying. plus, two fast food workers get a scare, what happened after this thief went to extreme measures to break in their drive-through window. "nbc 10 news" at 5:00 starts right now. we begin with the devastating damage from a tornado that touched down in pennsylvania. >> as you can see, the storm ripped apart homes, schools and barns near the border of chester county. and today the national weather service confirmed it was an ef-2 tornado that touched down. that means the wind was up to 125 miles an hour and it tore a path of destruction nearly five miles long. >> tim furlong spent the day at salisbury township joining wisconsin a close ecloser look.
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>> reporter: you hear about this weather and how strong it can be and look at the damage. look at that was we push in. you can see how many buildings were destroyed, tarps on buildings, imazing stuff. roofs torn off homes. really it's amazing nobody was killed. >> they said it happened so fast they didn't have time to seek shelter. >> reporter: around 200 amish people were in a barn when a tornado ripped through. they don't use technology that would have given them a warning. seconds later the tornado leveled a small school thankfully nobody was inside. >> just the foundation. everything was completely on the ground. almost looked like a bomb exploded. >> reporter: the national weather service checked out the damage from a chopper, they say the tornado was 5 to 6 miles long and a quarter mile wide, they say the damage and debris field was impressive. >> particularly for february. it's unusual to see a tornado like this.
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>> officials tell me they estimate damage at around $8 million. about 100 structures took damage. nobody was killed or seriously injured. some credit that to the national weather service's tornado warning system. >> they issued the warning there was adequate time to get that warning to the people in the community. and that's what saved the lives. >> reporter: and to come back live, they have been doing this all day taking out sort of assembly line getting live and dead chickens out of the building and when you see the damage you see how precise mother nature was and tore through, again, only a quarter mile wide, businesses, buildings some split in half. and those non-amish got the warnings on tv, radio and mobile devices, officials say many people in this area did the right thing, they went over to the amish neighbors in a tight knit community, they went over and let them know hey, i got the warning, the storm's going to be here in a few minutes.
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they believe that saved a lot of lives. >> last night's storms also brought down this tree on a south jersey day care. the tree landed on a room where babies sleep during the day but it happened after work hours so no one was hurt. the all kids first day care was closed while workers cleaned up the debris and repaired damage. they hope to reopen tomorrow. >> from pennsylvania to new jersey to delaware nbc has more photos of damage from last night's storms. if you see damage in your neighborhood take a photo and send it to us using the nbc 10 app. >> we've seen more rain showers throughout the day, in chester county those turned into snow showers. nbc 10 in wagon town when the flurries started coming down. you can see the wind blowing them around. >> meteorologist sheena parveen is joining us. i made the mistake of going out to get coffee, walked across the street. it was cold and the wind was really blowing. >> yes, the wind is very gusty
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so it's making it feel about 10 degrees colder across the area. and aside from that we have these light showers. so, the wind continuing to blow these showers through. most of the area, mostly north and west of philadelphia seeing light rain showers or like we showed you in the video, some very light snow showers around coats trial is east marlboro across 176 in chester county. and westchester may be seeing a light mix. we go through this earning we'll start to see a lot of that come to an end and then it's going to get colder. look at the wind gusts now. from 30 to 35 miles an hour through most of the area. it's going to stay windy overnight and it's going to stay windy tomorrow. so here's a look hour by hour as we go through this evening. as we go through time look at the temperature dropping, the wind gust stays near 30 miles per hour by 11:00 p.m. temperatures dropping in the mid-30s, feeling like the mid-20s. and here is what it will be early tomorrow morning. temperature right around freezing by 7:30, 8:00 in the
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morning and the winds still gusting near 25 to 30 miles an hour. but feeling colder coming up we'll look at how cold it will feel tomorrow and a little bit of a warm-up for the weekend. that's straight ahead. >> right now atltó;5:00, a suspected dog fighting ring leaves seven dogs dead. six of them were puppies about two weeks old. they were found in a trash can in a back yard in germantown. jacqueline london joins us live. this is the second time the spca found evidence of dog fighting at the same home? >> that's true. this is the second search warrant the spca executed at this home and the last two years. crews searched the house on east rittenhouse street in germantown section tuesday. they found six dead puppies in the backyard and older dog dead inside the home. the pspca says the condition of the house including blood on the walls shows that dog fighting was probably taking place.
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two other dogs were also rescued from the home. they are doing fairly well in the custody of the pspca. officials hoping someone comes forward with information about this case. >> dog fighting in philadelphia as well as the state is a felony, so we want to make sure we can get to the bottom of this and hopefully bring those to justice who are committing the crime. >> officials are not sure whether anyone lishs at the home but the last time they searched the home in 2014, charges were filed against someone who lived there, wayne charleston. that case is still pending. nbc 10's deanna durante is in the neighborhood where this happened. she'll have a live report coming up on "nbc 10 news" at 6:00. for now live in the digital operations center. right now at 5:00, two brazen crimes caught on camera to show you first, a deadly shooting in chester, this video shows a van roll up on a car along west third street, then a passenger in the van starts
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shooting, this all happened yesterday afternoon. the victim died at the hospital. if you recognize this van right here, or you know anything about the suspect inside you are asked to call chester police. a man armed with a gun and giant rock smashed his way into a fast food restaurant. you can see the crime was caught on camera. look again here, you can see the man throw a rock through the drive-through window of this checkers restaurant on highland avenue. then he climbed inside as he announced a robbery, you can see he has a gun in his right hand. the man wandered through the kitchen area but left without taking anything. two employees were inside cleaning up at the time. they weren't hurt. if you noey the man in the video, call police. a drug tampering case at a jersey shore hospital led to an hiv scare for hundreds. shore medical center sent out letters to 213 patients last week. the center warning them that they could have been exposed to
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hiv or hepatitis through contact with a now former employee's blood. arlene is among those urged to get tested for hiv as well as hepatitis b and c. >> hysterical. i called my daughter crying. you're not going to believe this letter i received. >> frederick mclish watts arrested for taking morphine out of vials and replatesing it with saline solution. the health department says the testing is out of abundance of caution and the risk of infection is low. >> group of thieves known as the felony lane gain is at it again. last week we told you about smash and grabs in montgomery and chester counties, now police say the same group is in berks county. according to police there have been a dozen car break-ins. police say the felony lane gang is behind a rash of crimes up and down the east coast. they got their name by using the farthest drive through lane at banks to avoid detection while
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cashing stolen checks. police warn drivers not to leave personal items exposed in their cars. new information about a deadly hit and run in lehigh county that we told you about. lancaster man is in custody in connection with the crash. allen ruth died after he was hit by someone driving a jeep cherokee. he was on a bicycle. a tip led police to frank schneider. the 38-year-old is charged with causing a fatal accident and driving with a suspended license. >> more than a dozen troopers are wearing body cameras part of a program to evaluate different cameras and come 1 a data storage solution. 25 troopers are wearing the familiar ras now and the aim of the program is to enhance transparency and accountability and maintain public trust. philadelphia's district attorney says he removed himself from the investigation into a fight
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involving john dougherty due to a conflict of interest. surveillance video shows what appears to be joshua keysy and john dougherty walking on north third street. keysy's lawyer says his client was beat up because he was not in a union working at a construction site. dougherty made contributions to seth williams and attorney general kathleen kane. both excused themselves from the case. >> i didn't -- whether it was overly difficult or went out mif way to prosecute someone because they stole my lunch money in eighth grade. >> the state attorney general's office is handling the case. the spokesman for dougherty say he acted in self defense. nbc 10 employs workers members of the local 98 union. >> many veterans struggle with thoughts of suicide. workers at the v.a. hospital are supposed to help but we found
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gaps in their training. we asked if it's affecting care and what's being done to fix the problem. plus, hidden mold. parents found it growing in their children's sippy cups, they say the design is the problem. we'll show you what to look out for.
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>> they fought for our country only to come home to substandard care. >> the investigators expose new
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problems within the philadelphia v.a., this time we found gaps in training for those hired to help suicidal veterans. >> investigative reporter george spencer got the v.a.'s own report detailing the problems and took his questions to the person in charge. >> you got the gift of gab. >> 51-year-old jose is jovial manner conceals decades of difficulty. >> i'm not dying but for a lot of years i wasn't living. >> born and raised in northeast philly martinez served active duty in the navy in the late 80s and in the reserves through mid-90s. in the years after he struggled with homelessness, substance abuse, psychiatric problems, and even thoughts of suicide. >> you know it's a big step to actually doing it you know. >> you were thinking about it. >> constantly. constantly thinking about was i better off. not here than being here. >> those questions haunt many who served our country, and yet we discovered this latest
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internal review finding gaps in training for suicide prevention at the crescent v.a. medical center, according to the report for nearly all new employees reviewed there was no evidence of suicide prevention training within 12 months of hire. most clinicians reviewed did not complete suicide risk management training on time. reviewers found not all reports completed nor did clinicians consistently document that they gave out suicide prevention plans. bridget runs the philadelphia veterans house. >> to be going to the place where they are expecting to get the care, where they are pretty much guaranteed that we're going to be the ones that are supporting you, and those people aren't trained in it. >> the nbc 10 investigators found the v.a.'s own records from 2012 showing some 22 veterans are lost to suicide each day nation wide. that's more than 8,000 a year. suicide rates for vets in their
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60s are twice as high as non-veterans, for vets in 70s, those rates are four times as high. for advocates like gallagher the thought of this high risk group encountering v.a. employee who is may not be fully trained on suicide prevention is alarming. >> it's unacceptable. across the board that's just -- that can't happen. >> reporter: this doctor is chief of behavior health at the crescents center. he insists the missed training centered on a video about suicide prevention are actually more basic than the skill level of any one hired for such rolls at the v.a. >> it's one tiny piece what if we do for suicide prevention. >> but an important piece. >> very important piece. we were at fault and we corrected that since. >> he says the other findings like incomplete reports were caused by lapses in record keeping, not lapses in actual patient care.
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>> it seems very basic and you wonder how wasn't this stuff being done? >> i don't think of it as basic so i would -- any community -- nobody is doing safety plans outside of the v.a. so i think the v.a. is setting a standard far beyond what most places will do. >> he tells us each gap will be corrected by april and patrolses suicidal veterans can get the care they need. for martinez, treatment and support have worked, he believes recovery like his is accessible to other vets. >> that's where i'm at today. i'm participating. >> these suicide prevention findings come in the aftermath of nationwide concerns about lengthy wait times at v. axa. hospitals. rates of more than 30 days for less than four out of every 100 appointments, which was only 1% higher than the national average. for the investigators, george
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spencer, "nbc 10 news." >> we also want to clarify the difference between the v.a. medical center and the benefits administration office, they are under the same federal umbrella but different administrations. we reported extensively on the leadership scandal at the benefits office, it's been criticized as the most problematic of all of the v.a.'s regional offices. if you have a story for the nbc 10 investigators send e-mail or call our hot line, we put that information on our web side nbc 10 ott >> to survive a house or apartment fire you need two things -- a smoke detector and escape plan. that's according to judge cardwell hughes. the ceo of the american red cross. the sorgs teaming up with the philadelphia fire department, to help residents t no more fire deaths campaign. going neighborhood by neighborhood to install smoke alarms, 10-year lithium powered
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battery smoke alarms. most importantly to give a customized escape plan for every family. >> the red cross will join the fire dhept twoond update no more fire death campaign. saturday morning at 11:30. for more information head to our website or check out the nbc 10 app. >> when we think of black history month names like martin luther king, rosa parks come to mind. black history is more than those figures we hear about every year. >> beneath the surface of that text book black shift incredible american history. >> that's why so fee qua ballen came up with a different way to express african-american history. it's called black history, what i wish i knew. >> how do you know, academics,
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authors, poets, all talking about black history. people making history talking about how black history impacts them and how they view themselves. >> all this month is sharing essays. tonight there will be a meet and greet with some of the participants for more information click on the nbc 10 ap. >> well, finally a lot drier today but we have showers around this afternoon. and we'll continue to see those for a little while longer, straking showers mostly light rain, light snow showers moving through, other than that temperatures are dropping and it is windy outside. it's going to stay windy for the rest of tonight and into tomorrow. even into the start of your weekend. but we'll see warmer temperatures especially on sunday. still looking at overcast skies in philadelphia, winds gusting near 32 miles an hour.
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feels 10 degrees colder with the wind so feels close to freezing. here is a look at the flag. it is blowing because it is so windy and the wind again making it feel colder. the wind is going to stay up overnight so the temperatures are going to be feeling colder even into tomorrow morning so there you see 7:00 people, temperatures are around 30 degrees feeling more like 20. so a cold start tomorrow morning with the wind and the wind is going to thank around into saturday. closer look at satellite and radar, mostly rain showers with snow in parts of chester county thcht is light precip. if the you're in coastal you could see light snow showers, otherwise areas like west chester, could see rain. a light mix. upper bucks county a bit of a different story. starting to see more in the way of light snow. buckingham seeing that as well and also right around hatfield in parts of montgomery county.
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we'll keep our eye on these, they aren't going to last all night long. you see the system bringing them in and the wind, that's helping to bring them in this afternoon. here's future weather. so now we're looking at the next couple hours, a lot of this starts to break up and by 7:00 i think we'll see a lot less than what we see now. we continue to clear out and into tomorrow morning a nice dry start. the morning commute. here's what's going on the cold air is moving in with the wind this is tonight and tomorrow. the cold air mass comes down into friday night into saturday it's going to be a cold start to the weekend. morning lows in the 20s, starting off your weekend, then you see the south wind ahead of a cold front we're going to be warmer sunday and monday. near 60 both days. saturday a colder day, sunday, nice and warm and dry and sun i, so i think you're going to enjoy it with less wind too. for today, early light rain and
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snow, windy and cold dropping to around 30. 26 areas north and west. with the wind it's going to feel about 10 degrees colder. mostly sunny, temperature topping out near 40. saturday we're still near 40 kind of breezy outside but by sunday nice warm up. 58 degrees, sunday for your weekend. we stay around the 60s as we start off next week. >> from the white house to the red carpet. joe biden will share the stage with lady gaga at the oscars. he set a record for time in space. scott kelly is read the return to earth. what he plans to do first when he gets home. that's next.
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>> after nearly a year scott kelly is a few days from returning to earth. >> he is saying he can't wait. during his final news conference from the international space station he says he feels fast he has been camping in the woods for a year. think about that. from a physical point of view kelly said he feels pretty good and he knows just what he's going to do when he returns home to houston. >> i'll go to the astronaut crew quarters at the johnson space center for several hours of medical tests and at about 3:00 in the morning, then i'm going to go home and jump in my pool.
5:27 pm
>> when he lands on tuesday kelly will have been in space for 340 consecutive days. that's a u.s. record. i was surprised he didn't say i'm going to go get my favorite meal. that's what i would do. >> maybe that's the next thing after jumping in the pool. >> this may be their last chance, the republicans meet tonight for the final debate before super tuesday. >> can they do anything to stop donald trump? we'll ask our political expert. >> a convicted sex offender caught in the act. how a 14-year-old girl helped bring him to justice next on "nbc 10 news" at 5:00.
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well, we could see fireworks in houston tonight. the republicans facing off in the final debate before super tuesday. a lot of experts say this is the last chance for the other candidates to take down donald trump. >> and joining us now with a closer look at the republican race is our political analyst jim schultz. how critical is tonight's debate? >> it's very critical especially for the establishment candidates and the folks trying to grab that establishment candidate title. in taking on donald trump and knocking him down. i think you're going to see a lot from ted cruz in terms of slinging mud. and aspirational tone from marco rubio as he tries to cast for
5:31 pm
the establishment, the establishment electorate. and i think that he'll also -- he talks about being a product of the reagan revolution, the problem for marco rubio is that there is a revolution going on but it's among angry working class voters who are angered by government and leading that charge is donald trump. >> if you listen to trump he says in essence he is unstoppable. but is he really? is there a way to stop him? >> super tuesday will tell us that on march 1. there are 595 delegates at stake that day. and donald trump has an opportunity to gain a large share of them. there are 122 just in texas alone and if they get divided among donald trump and ted cruz it becomes hard for anybody to make a real case against donald trump. >> jim, marco rubio argues he has the best chance against trump. so far he hasn't won caucuses or primaries and things don't look good for him on super tuesday.
5:32 pm
a poll shows trump aheaden florida, that's rubio's home state. how does rubio see a path to victory? >> rubio has to win a couple of states in super tuesday. that's is the bottom line. his best chance is probably in virginia where he's only down a couple of percentage points. he'll have to do well in some of those states, win some of those states, pick up a lot of delegates in some of those to establish himself as the establishment candidate. >> all right. political analyst jim schultz thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> and for more coverage of the presidential race look for decision 2016 on the nbc 10 app. let's get an update on the first alert weather. hold onto your hats, the wind is still blowing strong across the area. look at that flag flying. that's mixed in with rain. >> let's get an update from sheena parveen. wet and windy tonight. >> yeah, for part of the area we're seeing light rain, other parts seeing light snow showers. and when you combine with it
5:33 pm
that wind, yeah, part of the area is a little bit wet and still windy. a look at the radar, some of this is starting to break up north and west. in chester county we could have areas of light snow around coatesville. areas like westchester mostly light rain or maybe a light wintry mix. parts of bucks county, doylestown reporting light sleet at this moment. buckingham could be on the edge of that with light rain. montgomery county could be seeing light snow or light sleet as well. so that's going to stay in the forecast the next few hours. the winds are going to stay with us into tomorrow. winds are gusting from 30 to 35 miles per hour, and it is making it feel about 10 degrees colder than it actually is. so right now outside it feels like 33 in philadelphia, 30 in allentown and pottstown feel likes 29 in reading and everyone in south jersey in delaware feeling like the 30s. here's future feels like temperatures. as we go overnight the wind is
5:34 pm
going to stay up. in the 20s for the feels like temperature by 10:00 p.m. by the time you wake up some areas will feel like the teens like allentown, pottstown, wilmington, feeling like the teens. philadelphia could feel like 20 by 7:00 tomorrow morning, even millville, mount holly. make sure you have the heavy jacket tomorrow with you. but over the weekend we'll see warmer temperatures return. i'll show you that forecast coming up. >> a registered sex offender accused of touching himself in front of a 14-year-old girl in newark. according to the victim, this man was following her around at barnes and noble book store sunday. she said he exposed himself and engaged in an inappropriate sexual act. she took pictures of him on her cell phone and then showed police. >> no settlement between michael aiken and his accusers because late this afternoon a pennsylvania judicial ethics board rejected a deal.
5:35 pm
this is new video of eakin leaving a courtroom charged with violating judicial ethics rules exchanging offensive e-mails. the board said they would decide whether there had been misconduct and if so what the punishment would be. the e-mails first became public two years ago when cat lean kane was pressured to turn them over. kane brought up the issue shortly after eakin and the supreme court suspended her law license while she faces criminal charges. montgomery county commissioner josh shapiro is one of five people running to replace kane as attorney general. today elected officials in philadelphia publicly endorsed shapiro. among them the city counsels it president. shapiro thanked them for support and promised to reform the justice system in the state if elected. >> on day one we will have a chief diversity officer in the office of attorney general.
5:36 pm
we will make sure that the people whowho add minister just look like the people they serve. >> a touching tribute to the men and women who died in the september 11 attacks in shanksville, somerset county. stuffed animals, toys and drawings left by people are going on display. it's part of a temporary exhibit called through their eyes, about 50 items left in the days after the 2001 attacks will be on display at the flight 93 national memorial's learning center in march. up next why isis supporters are going after facebook founder mark zuckerberg. plus, a sick child leads to a disturbing discovery, mold in a sippy cup. more parents say it's happened to them. why they claim one product is hiding this hazard next on "nbc 10 news" at 5:00.
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a group that supports isis is taking aim at the founders of facebook and twitter. in a new video the group vows to retaliate by attempts by media companies to close the accounts of supporters. it shows images of mark zuckerberg and the head of twitter jack dorsey. isis is known for using social media to try to recruit. struggle between the fbi and apple took center stage in washington, d.c. today. members of congress grilled the director of the fbi about the matter during a house intelligence committee. the case involved the iphone belonging to one of the san bernardino shooters. the california judge ordered apple to help the fbi hack into the locked phone. >> there is no substitute for being able to have a judge order access to the content so our job is not to tell the american people what to do.
5:40 pm
we're here to tell you there is a big problem and that darks? going to grow and grow and change our world. >> apple ceo maintains that unlocking the iphone would be bad for america. he says he's prepared to take his case to the supreme court. >> well, a few light showers but tonight it's going to get colder and stay windy. we do have a warm-up so i'll show you the forecast coming up.
5:42 pm
parents are outraged after finding mold in their children's sippy cups. >> they claim the mold showed up even though they followed the cleaning instructions and now want the company to take
5:43 pm
responsibility. >> my gosh no. >> it's not what you want to see hiding in your child's sippy cup, a thick layer of mold. >> oh, man. that's horrible. >> parents say it's growing in the tommy cups and can only find it when they break open the top. >> you can't take them apart completely you're going to get mold. >> the first discovery posted online after a father wondered why his son was getting sick. >> i think it's disgusting. it's not healthy.%> now the tommy tippy north america facebook page is filled with parents finding the same thing. >> my cousin i believe she got that for one of her kids. she'll get rid of it. she's not going to keep it. >> the company says it's looking into the concerns and post add diagram on line on how to clean them. it released a statement saying we have extensively tested the valves using recommended liquids and our specific cleaning guidelines and the results have supported our view that when used and cleaned in line with the instructions, everything is
5:44 pm
in order. still, some parents say if you can't clean this without breaking it, they shouldn't be selling it. >> they need to take them off the shelves. if parents aren't able to clean them well, and they are causing mold they need to take them off the shelf. >> the company says it wants to hear from other parents who had similar problems and they will continue to investigate. they are also offering to replace the cups for any customers who are dissatisfied with their product. >> we know more about last week's global recall of nearly 2.9 million toyota sunshine suvs because of problems with the seat belts. the recall prompted from a canadian crash that killed two passengers. toyota announced the recall last week because the rear seat belts can be cut in a severe crash. if that happens the belts won't restrain passengers. this covers 2005-2014 rav4 suvs. >> you may remember this video
5:45 pm
of a cruise ship battered by a major storm off of the coast of north carolina earlier this month. one of the passengers on that ship filed a class action lawsuit against royal caribbean. the suit says the company knew or should have known about the potential for hurricane force winds before setting sail. the cruise was canceled and the ship returned to port in new jersey but the passengers got their money back. >> the u.s. coast guard boat capsized in new york city this morning responding to a call for help from a fishing boat. five members of the coast guard were on board at the time. all of them eventually made it to shore safely. the crew on the fishing boat initially called the coast guard, when the boat started taking on water. all seven people in that boat made it safely to dry land. u.s. aircraft will be called in to help rescue a group of expeditioners stranded at an antarctic research center. they will transport 30 people. another 68 researchers will stay at the site and wait out the blizzard. the good news is everybody is
5:46 pm
safe and okay. >> a number of african-american actors are not supporting this year's academy awards in los angeles and now reverend al sharpton says he is going to stage a rally sunday before the event. the rally is intended to push for a nation wide tv tune-out of the ceremony. critics say the academy lacks diversity. similar rallies are planned around the country. vice president joe biden and his wife will be walking the red carpet at the awards sunday. the vice president will introduce lady gaga before she performs a song till it happens to you. gaga is up for an oscar for best original song in the documentary the hunting ground. the film is about sexual assault on college campuses. >> you could call it the chase utley rule, a major league baseball and the players union banned rolling block slides to break up potential double plays, hoping to avoid a repeat of this right here. a take-out by chase utley.
5:47 pm
the play broke the leg of the shortstop ruben tejada last year. this new rule says the runner has to make a bona fide slide which means making contact with ground before the base. and being within reach of the bag with either a hand or a foot. >> well, it is windy out there. winds gusting near 30 to 35 miles an hour in some spots, at the same time we have light showers around the area. and some areas are seeing light snow showers. i'll show you that in a second. tonight it's going to get colder and it's going to stay windy. that wind is going to stick with us tomorrow and for part of saturday. part of the weekend we'll see warming in the forecast, so we will have nice temperatures starting to move back in. right now, though, it feels much colder than it is outside. here's what it feels like when you factor in the wind. now it feels about 10 degrees colder so that temperature feels
5:48 pm
like 33 in philadelphia, feels like 19 in mount pocono, 29 now in reading, 28 in pottstown. feels mostly like the mid 30s through much of south jersey and delaware and by tomorrow morning it will still be feeling 10 degrees colder than the actual temperature with that wind around. here is a look at the showers across the area. some of this is breaking up north and west of philadelphia but that's the majority of the area that is seeing shower activity. mostly in pennsylvania, northern delaware seeing a little light rain possibly now but near westchester we could see light mix in this area, maybe light sleet or light snow showers. parts of doylestown reporting light sleet earlier but this area is starting to break up and move into parts of lower bucks county that would mostly be very light rain showers. and with the high wind too that's going to continue to blow it across the area and break it up because of this weather system it's moving through the area but at the same time we're starting to see the moisture die out of that. so we'll be seeing this end in a
5:49 pm
couple hours. this is future weather so by 8:00 tonight a lot of this starts to come to an end. then we go through the overnight hours into tomorrow morning. and we're much drier than we have been over the past 24 hours. tomorrow morning's commute dry but it will be cold so here is that feels like temperature for your friday. 7:00 in the morning it's going to feel like the teens through allentown and pottstown, reading, feeling like the middle teens, philadelphia feeling like 20 degrees, mount holly, millville feel like 20. 19 is what it will feel like tomorrow in wilmington. a cold start tomorrow even through the afternoon. here you see on future weather that cold air mass moving down from the north and it's going to stay windy through the day. we go into the weekend. friday night into saturday morning, a cold start to your weekend. actual lows will be in the 20s, but then finally we get a warm-up by the end of the weekend we have temperatures near 60 degrees with more of a south wind on sunday. and that even goes into monday. so a nice warm-up in the forecast after the cold and windy weather.
5:50 pm
for thont, early light rain or snow coming to an end in a couple hours. stays windy and cold overnight. 30 for the low in philadelphia. 26 north and west. but remember, it's going to feel 10 degrees colder when you factor in the wind. then through the afternoon staying windy and cold. but mostly sunny so at least it will be nice and dry. 37 to 40 degrees for the high temperature tomorrow. and then we stay cold into the weekend. look at saturday morning, 25 degrees there for the morning low on saturday. 41 as we go through the afternoon. nice sunshine, then by sunday near 60 degrees, that will last into the start of next week. >> lester holt is joining us from los angeles. >> good earning, lester. what's coming up on nightly news? >> hi, jim and denise. coming up tonight targeting trump, the critical night in the race for president why tonight could be the last shot for cruz and rubio to try to derail trump. another big city warns its residents about high levels of lead coming into their homes, and we're going to tell you about a surge in super lice in
5:51 pm
half of the states across the country they are resilient to the traditional ways we get rid of them. we'll talk about what a parent's options are here. that and more when we see you for "nbc nightly news." back to you for now. >> that has both of us going oh. >> first mold. >> see you at 6:30. >> pennsylvania governor tom wolf announced he is battling prostate cancer. >> it is a disease that affects one in seven men. there is help. how families can get assistance-of-assistance at hospitals and what they are doing to get patients through that scary diagnosis. >> a warning to hundreds of hospital patients in south jersey that they could have been exposed to hiv. >> absolutely freaked out. >> i'm ted greenberg with what led to the scare.
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
>> this year's flu vaccine is one of the most effective in years according to the centers for disease control. it says people who got the vaccine are about 60% less likely to get the flu than those who have not been vaccinated. last year flu strains mutated and the vaccine was only 23% effective. pennsylvania governor tom wolf has put a new focus on prostate cancer. the governor revealed yesterday
5:55 pm
that he has diagnosed with the disease and he's not alone. one in seven men will be diagnosed this year and it is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in american men. we asked doctors what families need to know if they have a loved one battling this disease. lauren mayk has our story. >> reporter: imagine in this room a half dozen or so men. maybe in their 60s. there could be a chair for your dad, your grandfather, or you. >> how often do you have new people joining the group? >> almost every month. >> prostate cancer affects about 1 in 7 men. neil is an oncology social worker. he runs a support group that meets here in this room. >> a lot of times it's newer diagnosed men who come and they are just kind of clueless to find out what they are supposed to do and what questions they are supposed to ask. >> blocks away at university city there are researchers studying cancer cells working on hopes for the future. here the focus is more likely to
5:56 pm
be personal. questions about treatment or sexual function. >> they just want to know what happens, you know, is that still going to be a part of their life or part that is now lost to treatment. >> conversations around this table may start out a little uncomfortable. but it gets easier. his first bit of advice, be willing to talk about it. >> this isn't a time for men to be the lone ranger and try to manage it all by themselves. >> in university city, lauren mayk, "nbc 10 news." >> nbc 10 news at 6 is next here with jim and jacqueline. >> and coming up next on "nbc 10 news" at 6. >> an offer threatened tonight. what this man is accused of doing to an officer and why it got him tased and then handcuffed. >> i'm tracking rain and light snow headed our way. also what's in store for your weekend. my first alert forecast is next. >> and she's breaking barriers her entire life. tonight we focus on a local doctor who got the attention of the white house.
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
>> we begin with breaking news. a disturbing case of animal cruelty. seven dogs found dead at a germantown home. two other dogs are alive. deanna durante joins us live only nbc 10 was there as investigators returned to the scene. >> minutes ago the pspca found more dead dogs?
5:59 pm
>> reporter: at least five it looks like. take a look, this is the house on the 400 block of rittenhouse street that investigators say they raided on tuesday. finding a number of dead dogs. neighbors here tell us they didn't know there were dogs in the house despite a dog kennel in the back and minutes ago an investigator with the spca showed up across the street behind this fence where you see that trash bag, finding the bodies of at least five more dead dogs. >> there have been incidents at this residence before, in september of 2014 we responded as well, seized some dogs from the area and charged the occupant at the time with animal fighting. >> that was last september according to officials, they say this time they don't think anyone was living in the house on the 400 block of rittenhouse. the backyard is filled with trash and furniture. inside the spca says blood and other evidence leads them to think dog fighting was taking praise here again. the two rescued animals are
6:00 pm
being cared for but what official there is are looking for is information. who is behind this suspected ring and who left the animals here. >> we are looking for help from the public to garner information about what's going on at this house. it doesn't appear at this time there's anyone living there. >> reporter: and again, you can see this is the house that investigators want to know more about. just as it was getting dark we could see there are lights on in the home though it doesn't appear there is anything leading to believe that people are living in the house. again t scene where they have found more dead animals directly across the street, some of those wrapped in black plastic, some of them in the open. we're told that more investigators are en route on the scene here to the 400 block of rittenhouse. reporting live, deanna durante, "nbc 10 news." new at 6:00, a man is charged with making terroristic threats after philadelphia police say he threatened an officer, 20-year-old


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